PHP Developers Tools (2024 version)

Andrea Pollastri
2 min readFeb 20, 2024

What are the essential services and software for a PHP developer?

I have been working as a backend developer since 2005, and after several setup changes and tests, based on my personal experience, the essential stack for a PHP developer is:

Why this stack?

I think these services, hardware, and software can simplify your work life!

  • Apple OS is a powerful OS, simple, stable, and powerful for dev needs
  • Google Workspace is an incredible suite made for collaboration
  • Jira helps manage daily tasks, sprints, and customer tickets
  • vscode is a free IDE with several practical extensions so it’s a perfect editor for your code!
  • Docker Desktop lets you run your project containers with few clicks
  • Insomnia Rest is a light tool to test REST API endpoints
  • Table Plus is a powerful database desktop manager
  • Oh My Zsh is a free and complete Zsh configuration

There are also secondary tools such as ClockWork (, Laravel Herd (, Tinkerwell (, and others that will help you to speed up your development process.