PHP Developer Tools (2022)

Andrea Pollastri
1 min readJan 27, 2022

What are the essential services and software for a PHP developer?

I have been working as a backend developer since 2005, and after several setup changes and tests, based on my personal experience, the essential stack for a PHP developer is:

Why this stack?

I think these services, hardware, and software can simplify your work life!

  • Apple OS is a powerful OS, simple, stable, and powerful for dev needs
  • Google Workspace is an incredible suite made for collaboration
  • Jira is helpful to manage daily tasks, sprints, and customer tickets
  • vscode is a free IDE within several practical extensions so it’s a perfect editor for your code!
  • Docker Desktop lets you run your projects containers with few clicks
  • Insomnia Rest is a light tool to test REST API endpoints
  • Table Plus is a powerful database desktop manager