Code your Laravel projects everywhere with Gitpod

Andrea Pollastri
1 min readJun 28, 2022

Last year I discovered Gitpod ( and since that day I have loved it! Gitpod is a SaaS for remote development. You can use it locally into your favourite IDE or, as Github Codespace, into your browser using a web version of vscode.

Gitpod is free for public and private projects (50 hours limit with optional paid plans), it’s easy to use and runs with Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket.
In my case, Gitpod is a perfect solution for emergency developments. I can open and edit my projects from everywhere just within a simple web browser, without my own Macbook… and I can work from a cheaper Chromebook too!
Gitpod is very smart and powerful and it deploys your code on a private (or public) URL useful to preview (or share) your changes without any other server!

I have created an empty repository pre-cofigured for Gitpod and based on Laravel 9 to let you to try! It comes with PHP 8.1, sqlite database, Composer 2 and npm. Enjoy it and give me your feedback ;)